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Experience an Entirely Different Way to Fish

Unique boat features that create a one of a kind fishing experience

Ideal for any kind of small and protected waters. Experience hands-free control and stability like no other boat on the market. The Twin Troller enables you to fish in any kind of fishing environment from lilly pads, tall grass & weeds, to windy conditions.

It’s science that sets us apart

Our foot pedal controls give you  hands-free operation, allowing you to focus on the fish

Experience 360° turning radius

Motors are recessed inside the hulls of the boat

In-hull propulsion operates quietly and provides a shallow draft and a better fishing experience

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What’s the best part of owning a Twin Troller? The community of owners you get to connect with!

We have a vast library of videos from our founder, team staff, and owners!

Are You A
Twin Troller Fisherman?

Frank Jones, co-designer and creator of the Twin Troller asks a simple question: Are you a Twin Troller fisherman? Discover whether you’re a Jon boat, Tracker, Big Bass boat fisherman, or a Twin Troller fisherman.

The World’s Best Fishing Boat

The Twin Troller X10 is the World’s Best Fishing Boat because of all the features it has. Watch to see why the Twin Troller is like no other boat on the market.

Perfect for Small Water Anglers Everywhere

From coastal flats to your local pond or lake, the Twin Troller is ideal for all of your small and protected water adventures.

What our Twin Troller owners are saying:

The Twin Troller allows us to maneuver around the laydowns and into the coves, some of which are protected by a sand bar at a depth of only about two feet.

– Daryl, Virginia

I love my twin troller because it’s hands free fishing. I caught the Biggest bass of my life this year and my Twin Troller helped make it happen.

– Craig, Illinois

When I found out about the Twin Troller X10 I knew I had to have one. Since I’ve had this boat, I’ve caught more fish, but more importantly I’ve enjoyed fishing and being on the water a lot more.

– C. Jackson, Georgia

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