The World's Best Fishing Boat

  • Unmatched Stability
  • In-Hull Propulsion
  • Hands Free Operation

The World's Best Fishing Boat

The Twin Troller has been in production for over 10 years.  With 1000's of happy owners, the Twin Troller is truly changing the way people fish and what they expect from their fishing boat.  As a fisherman you know the benefits of using the right bait.  Maybe you should consider using the right boat.  You deserve the World's Best Fishing Boat.

Twin Troller X10 Introduction Video

Video Series:

Are you a Twin Troller Fisherman?

In the video series below, meet Frank Jones, designer/creator of the Twin Troller.  In the series, Frank tries to help you answer a very important question.  What kind of fisherman am I?  Am I a Jon boat Fisherman?  Kayak Fisherman? Tracker Fisherman?  Big Bass Boat Fisherman?

You may be a Twin Troller fisherman. Watch the whole series and find out!

Twin Troller X10

Owner Interviews

Twin Troller owners come from all walks of life and fish all types of fish.  From Muskie Anglers in Minnesota to Redfish Hunters in Florida, Crappie Dudes in Ohio to 10 lb. Big Bass hopefuls from California to the Carolinas.

Video Series:

Kayak Fishing or Twin Troller Fishing?

If you're considering buying a kayak to fish from, you may want to see this series first.

The one video includes the whole series. Episode list:

  • Episode 1: Basic Rules for Kayak Fishing
  • Episode 2: Passion for Paddling
  • Episode 3: We don't need no stinkin anchors.
  • Episode 4: Pedals = Fishing
  • Episode 5: Kayak Fishing vs Twin Troller Fishing

Twin Troller X10 Features

  • Stability - Superior (two people can stand and cast easily)
  • Wind maneuverability - Superior
  • Saltwater Compatible
  • 5 Year Limited Hull Warranty
  • Shallow Draft - 6-8 inches
  • Length - 10 feet
  • Width - 48 inches (fits in standard pickup bed)
  • Height - 18 inches
  • Weight - 175 lbs. (hull with motors)
  • Weight Capacity 565 lbs.
  • Electric Motors - (2) 36 lb. Thrust
  • Battery Life - 6-8 hrs. (estimate based on conditions and series 29 deep cycle marine battery)
  • Top Speed - 4-6 MPH (based on conditions)(Electric Motors)
  • Outboard Power Rating - 2 HP
  • 1 Piece Roto-Molded Hull Construction

Nearly Indestructible

The video you are about to see may be something you’ve never seen before.  A man hitting his boat with a hammer.  That’s right, a genuine, nail pounding, hammer.  That’s exactly what David does with HIS BOAT.  Don’t try this at home (unless it’s a Twin Troller).

Got questions?

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