Twin Troller X10 Contest Finalists

Congratulations to our winner!

Gerald – Granddad Kirmey

Gerald – Granddad Kirmey has won our owner contest with 53% of the vote.

Thank you to all of our owners who participated in the contest and thank you to everyone who voted!

Top Five Stories

TT-Logo-300-x-121Below are the top five finalists from the Twin Troller X10 “I love my Twin Troller X10 Because…” owner contest.  Thank you to all the Twin Troller owners who submitted their story.  It was fun reading them all!

Please read the stories below, then pick your favorite at the bottom of this page.  The winner will be determined on December 1, 2015 for the $250.00 cash prize.

The Twin Troller X10 is a very special boat with the best owners on the planet.  We hope you enjoy the stories as much as we did.

Winning Story: Gerald – Granddad Kirmey







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