Every Twin Troller X10 Includes:

  • Patented Twin Troller Propulsion System
  • Two (2) Recessed / Protected Motors
  • 100% Variable Speed Hands Free Foot Control
  • Durable Hull Construction and Sleek Hull Design
  • Padded Swivel Seats, Seat Rails and Frames
  • Battery Compartment
  • Outboard Motor Mount

  • Drain Plug
  • Reel Pockets
  • Cup Holders
  • Equipment Storage Tray
  • Measuring Tool
  • Injection-Molded Battery Box

Color Options

Blackwater Beige with Camo Seats

Clearwater Blue with White Seats

Need a Delayed Delivery?

Twin Troller X10 boat orders qualify for delayed shipping.  Order now, deliver at a later date!

Pick up Tommorow!

Are you considering a Blackwater Beige Fisherman Deluxe Model?  It is our most popular model and we have one sitting at our loading dock just for you.  If you would like to pick up at our factory in Madison, IN, it’s yours!  Call for details.  877-882-0099 Ext. 2

Contact an Owner

Would you like to ask a real Twin Troller owner what they think about their boat?  Or, maybe you would like to ask them about the many Small Water Adventures they go on in their Twin Troller?  You can.  Go here to contact a Twin Troller Owner.

Twin Troller X10 Models

Twin Troller X10 • Solo


Financing Available

Same as Standard Model except 1 seat instead of 2.  Everything you need to get out on the water.

Twin Troller X10 Standard Model


Financing Available

Everything you need to get out on the water.

Twin Troller X10 Fisherman Deluxe


Financing Available

Our most popular Model.

Twin Troller X10 Adventure Package


Financing Available

The do anything, go anywhere, fishing adventure package.

The Adventure Package saves you $350!

Saltwater Ready!