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In these videos, we introduce you to a few of our boat owners around the US! Check out how Melvin and Gerry are enjoying their Twin Troller in the videos below.

Melvin Montgomery, Fayetteville, NC

Gerry, Kissimmee, FL

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“The Twin Troller X10 absolutely fits the economic times we are in. The Twin Troller X10 is incredible. It has so many features that my big boat has, but it’s affordable for every angler. When I am at home I fish more in my Twin Troller than I do my $60,000 boat. I truly believe that the Twin Troller X10 is the best small fishing boat on the planet.”

– Marty Stone,
Retired Professional Angler and current MLF NOW! Live Stream Analyst
Fayetteville, NC

“All of the big, fancy, expensive boats are chasing 14-15 inch walleyes in big water. Meanwhile, my son and I caught a dozen walleyes between 16 and 23 inches in 2-3 feet of water in 6 hours. Normally one would keep a secret, but we can openly brag about it as nobody can follow us anyway! But the best part is the Twin Troller is a bow fishing machine. Just cruise quietly up on unsuspecting carp in 2 feet of water and  bam!”

– Barry Clark
Aberdeen, South Dakota

“My biggest complaint with fishing was trying to get around on the water easily while trying to fish at the same time. I thought “it sure would be nice to get around on the water hands-free.” When I found out about the Twin Troller X10 I knew I had to have one. Since I’ve had this boat, I’ve caught more fish, but more importantly I’ve enjoyed fishing and being on the water a lot more. I have no complaints about the Twin Troller X10. It is truly an amazing boat!”

– C. Jackson

Marty Stone, Retired Professional Angler and current MLF NOW! Live Stream Analyst, Fayetteville, NC

About Marty:

B.A.S.S. Fishing Pro, Marty Stone, professionally fished for 23 years and is currently a MLF Now! Live Stream Analyst. He is also the on-the-water analyst during MLF Cup events. During his career, he qualified for four Bassmaster Classics, four FLW Cups, was a 2-time Elite Series winner, and runner-up FLW AOY 1997, runner-up Bassmaster AOY 2005. Although you can’t truly pull the competitor out of him, when he is not sharing his expert insight on some of the best anglers in the world, you will still find him on the water competing in local bass tournaments around his home state of North Carolina.

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