Contact an Ambassador About the Twin Troller’s Unique Boat Features and Why They Love Theirs

Incredibly stable

Hands free control

Recessed motors

360° turning radius

Meet Our Ambassadors

Welcome to our Twin Troller Ambassador page. Find the Ambassador that fishes like you! Ask your questions & get answers. Each Ambassador has his own contact form for you to easily reach out to.

Twin Troller Ambassadors are real owners. They love their boat and want to share their experiences with you.

Our Ambassadors are not Freedom Electric Marine Employees or sales representatives. They volunteer their time to promote the Twin Troller X10 and Freedom Electric Marine

Click on an Ambassador below to read their fishing bio and contact them!

AL | AR | AZ | DEFL |IN | KS | MIMO | NH | NC | OR | PA | SC | TNTX | UT

Grizz Johnson – AL

Hubert Guthrie – AL

Dave Bernard – AR

John Mahon – AZ

Jack Hutchins – DE

David Dysart – FL

Gerry Frawley – FL

Bob Hall – FL

Ron Howse – FL

Bill Hessinger, GA

Steve Kissing – IN

Dave Nihiser – IN

Lenny Skieff – KS

Steve Burrows – MI

Alan Powers – MI

Bob Bertram – MO

Gerald Browne – NH

Allen Moore – NC

Gary W. – NC

Rocky Harpole – OR

Stephen Kokai – PA

Rick McEntire – SC

Robert Alsup – TN

Dan Harvey – TN

Russell White – TN

Charles Holt – TX

Jason Bell – TX

John Pafford – TX

Tom Bellomo – UT

Interested in Becoming a Twin Troller Ambassador?

We’re always looking to add more Twin Troller owners to our growing list of Ambassadors. Contact us to learn more!

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