Meet Ambassador

Steve Kissing

Location: Walkerton, Indiana

Type: Freshwater

Fishing Bio:

  1. What age did you fall in love with fishing? 
         I came to fishing later in life. While may get exposed to the sport/hobby as children, I was in my 30’s when I first took up fishing on the suggestion of a buddy who just started fly-fishing. I took some lessons, fell in love and over the years fly fished in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. As family and work responsibilities increased, I found myself with less time to trek out west and instead began fly fishing and spin casting for bass in my home state of Ohio and its neighboring states.
  2. Do you have a favorite fishing memory? 
         My favorite fishing memories are when my daughters caught their first fish. My second favorite memories are of catching trout in the Rockies. My third favorite memory is catching a six-pound bass in Canada’s Georgian Bay.
  3. What kind of fishing do you prefer? 
         These days, I mostly fish for bass on a lake in Indiana where I have a cabin (and keep my Twin Troller).
  4. What is your funniest fishing story? 
         I still crack up when thinking about the time I thought I had hooked a hog and it turned out to be a rusty lawn chair.
  5. How has the Twin Troller changed your fishing experience? 
         The Twin Troller has made fishing on my lake much more enjoyable given its ease-of-use and it’s maneuverability. (Canoes and kayaks are fine, but often frustrating as they’re hard to control with current and wind.) Fishing from my pontoon boat is also a hassle due to its size and inability to get to waters that aren’t over-fished. In addition, the Twin Troller makes it easy for my wife to join me on some excursions, which she enjoys doing.
  6. If you could take one guest a long with you fishing, who would you choose and why? 
         I’d like to get some fishing and fly casting lessons from Lefty Kreh.
  7. Who is your favorite fishing buddy?
         My wife.
  8. Do you have any fishing superstitions? 
         I almost always wear one of several of my lucky hats (even though they don’t always bring me luck).

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