Meet Ambassador

Steve Burrows

Location: Charlevoix, Michigan

Type: Freshwater

Fishing Bio:

  1. What age did you fall in love with fishing? 
         Been fishing since I was 8 and I have never stopped since. It’s the best excuse yet to get out of the house
  2. Do you have a favorite fishing memory?
         Watching my brother spend 2 hours trying to bring in huge Gar fish when he was 12
  3. What kind of fishing do you prefer?
         I love Northern Pike for the fight. I love Bass because it’s Bass and ultra light for pan fish.
  4. What is your funniest fishing story?
         I wrote this one before but I was able to rescue two teen boys stuck in shallow water so bad that they actually blew up their Dads outboard in the mud trying to get free. I put one boy in the TT and pulled the small 15 foot aluminum boat out into deeper water where they paddled back to the dock. I noticed the one boy was already crying probably thinking how to tell Dad
  5. How has the Twin Troller changed your fishing experience?
         I was simply stuck on shore till my TT came along. I am blessed in Michigan with hundreds of small lakes I have access to now that larger boats just stay away from. I am able to easily access huge weeded areas the big boats stay away from. This means I go to areas of less fishing pressure.
  6. If you could take one guest a long with you fishing, who would you choose and why?
         Probably Frank because I want to see him bounce up and down on the side because I can’t get myself to do it.
  7. Who is your favorite fishing buddy?
         My son when he visits from Virginia
  8. Do you have any fishing superstitions?
         I never fish on a Day that does not end in Y. LOL

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