Meet Ambassador

Russell White

Location: Yuma, Tennessee

Type: Freshwater

Fishing Bio:

  1. What age did you fall in love with fishing? 
         It was 5-6 years old, my father would take us kids to the creek in Oklahoma where he grew up! I remember getting a thrill out of even the tiniest rugs from bluegill on the cane pole!
  2. Do you have a favorite fishing memory?
         My fondest memories were when Dad and I joined the Irving bass club and started entering tournaments in the father and son category. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I do remember pop and I rarely lost a first place and I almost always got jr big bass! It got to where folks and dad and I heard them say! “Might as well go home! Wayne and his boy showed up today!”
  3. What kind of fishing do you prefer?
         I have always preferred bass fishing, large mouth. But I tangle with anything that wants to jump on my hook! Cept gators and snakes!!
  4. What is your funniest fishing story?
         Dad and I were at lake Breckinridge in Texas, at a Tournament. I was getting bored and lost a little interest in fishing. Well, I was in the back of the boat, with my purple and white spotted back worm, just trailing alongside. When all of the sudden! I saw this huge mouth coming up and engulfing the worm! I almost had an accident right there! I only had about 4’ of line out and guess he set the hook himself! I was grabbing for the pole and dad was hollering at me to set the hook! I made so much noise it wasn’t even funny till afterwards. I don’t remember reaching to get it in the boat, but dad got his de-liar out of the tackle box and that sucker weighed just over 5lbs! I won junior big bass, and an ambassador 5500C and ugly stick rod! First of 6 over the years dad and I fished together. That was my first decent size bass but to remember how I was flopping around sure wish video was around back then!
  5. How has the Twin Troller changed your fishing experience?
         The Twin Troller has allowed me to go places that I’ve never been able to go before. I can control the placement of the boat so that I’m facing the areas I want to cast into. When I’m in weeds or lilies I just don’t really worry about having the trolling motors get caught up on stuff I can just fish with confidence. It’s comfortable to fish in this boat all day long! For me fishing in the small bodies of water that I have in my area, this boat is just absolutely the worlds best fishing boat!
  6. If you could take one guest a long with you fishing, who would you choose and why?
         I really wish that my father could fish with me again. He’s 90 years old and is an able to move stand or do all the things that he used to do. I just wish that I could share the experience of the twin troller with him.
  7. Who is your favorite fishing buddy?
         My best friend Greg
  8. Do you have any fishing superstitions?
         Don’t ask me why! I picked it up from my dad! Whenever I catch a really small fish, I spit down his mouth, and tell him before I throw him back to tell his big old daddy to come do something about it. I’ve always felt that if I didn’t do that I would not catch any more fish for the rest of the day.

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