How Your Twin Troller Will Arrive

Learn everything from how your boat will be shipped and delivered to how to assemble it upon arrival.


Your boat will be delivered “Residential Delivery” via LTL carrier. This means your boat will be delivered directly to your driveway at the address you’ve provided. Delivery does not include assistance moving the boat. We offer a Quick Lift Dolly for purchase that can be assembled in minutes. Galvanized trailers can also be purchased from our site – some assembly required. If you have purchased the trailer, it is possible to load the boat onto the trailer from the ground using the hand crank on the trailer. Use caution when doing this and seek assistance if needed.

Delivery arrangements can be made if you have restricted access to your address. You may need to arrange pickup at your local shipping terminal, or to meet the delivery driver at another location.



When your boat arrives it will be packed into a box approximately
10′ x 48″. All of the Twin Troller X10 components will be inside this one box.

Box Contents

When you open the box, you’ll find your Twin Troller X10 along with three boxes and two seat supports. Two of the boxes are your assembled seats with covers. The other box contains two foot pedals and two swivel base packets with proper mounting hardware.


Attaching Your Seats

Walk Through

When your Twin Troller arrives, the only assembly required will be attaching your seats to the support bars. This process involves first mounting the swivel to the support bars, then attaching the swivel to your seat. This is really easy to do and this video will walk you through step by step.

Once you have finished this assembly, attaching your seats to the Twin Troller X10 is simply a matter of sliding them into the rails.

Installing Your Battery

We recommend you use a series 29 deep cycle marine battery for your Twin Troller X10.  You can buy one at your local marine dealer, or RV dealer.  You can also use a series 31 if you feel you need the extra run time.  Installing the battery requires you attach both red and black wires from both motors to the battery.  If you have a charger, attach those wires as well.  For a more detailed description of this process watch the videos below.

Pedal Installation

Pedal installation is a process you will do every time you take your Twin Troller X10 out on the water.  Calling this process “installation” makes it sound more difficult than the reality.  Installing your pedals is nothing more than plugging in the wire connections.  Make sure you plug the “right” motor cables into the “right” pedal, and the “left” motor cables into the “left” pedal.

With its best in class hull construction, storing your boat outside is not a problem.  Store your pedals in a clean dry location and your Twin Troller will provide years of reliable service.

We’re Done!

It’s just that easy, from the box to water ready in 15 minutes.  Visit our video section for more information on the Twin Troller or go to our online store to order yours today.

If you would like a detailed walk through of the process just provided watch the video below.  We’ve also included a video of some additional items you may want to get.  Have fun with the worlds best fishing boat!

Twin Troller Arrival

In under 3 minutes we show you how easy it is to set up your boat once it arrives.

Twin Troller Accessory Installation

Watch this video to see additional items you may want to add to your boat.

Trailer Assembly

Assembling your trailer is simple. We’ve provided a few measurement photos to help you with your assembly here.

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