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What Makes the Twin Troller the World’s Best Fishing Boat:

It’s science that sets the Twin Troller apart from all other boats

Two trolling motors and hands-free operation. 

In-hull propulsion creates incredible stability

Perfect for Small Water Anglers Everywhere

Find the boat model fit for your fishing needs. Are you a simple fisherman or the ultimate adventurer?

What Customers Are Saying:

“I love this boat because it allows me to be versatile and fish in small waters as well as large lakes… in a boat that requires very little to maintain and operate. This boat allows me to go fishing without all the hassle and expense of a larger boat. I can do most things a bigger boat can do and some things a big boat cannot do at all… As a fishing boat, the Twin Troller is the best in the world.” – Gerry, Florida

“I have been fishing out of small boats for over 50 years, but, my Twin Troller X10 is the most stable, most maneuverable, most comfortable and most durable boat that I have seen. Even the X10’s trailer is perfectly designed to launch and load the boat with ease. I always love telling people about my X10’s propulsion system, and how the tunnels contribute to the boat’s remarkable stability.” – Roger, South Carolina

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