Twin Troller Finance Options

There are multiple options to finance your Twin Troller X10 and accessories purchase.  Some customers have chosen to use their local bank, or credit union.  If you prefer this option we are willing and able to work with your local bank.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 877-882-0099.

Many Twin Troller Owners have used the options available on our web site.  Below are the two options we have available.

*Klarna does not require a HONDA motor in order to finance. 

**RockSolid requires a HONDA motor to finance. 



Klarna is the finance option we have integrated with our website shopping cart.  Using this option is fast and easy.  Klarna finances your purchase with a 0% – 19.99% interest rate with 6 mo. – 36 mo. terms based on the purchase price and credit.  You can find the estimated monthly payment for the item you’re looking at right below the price of the item on the item’s product page.

After you’ve added all the items you want to purchase to your shopping cart, next you will go to the Checkout Page.  At the bottom of the Checkout Page you will find the payment options section.

Click “Monthly financing”.   This will open a section outlining the financing terms of your purchase.

Next, you simply press “Place order”.  This will take you through the Klarna application process.  The application is easy and you should have an answer, and can complete your order, in approx. 15 minutes, or less.  Now, that’s easy!

Rock Solid Funding

Rock Solid Funding is another financing source available for our customers.  This option is still very easy to do, but requires a little more effort.  The advantage with Rock Solid Funding is that they offer longer monthly terms (up to 54 months) and potentially a lower interest rate based on your qualifications.  Below is an outline of the terms available.

**When applying for a RockSolid loan; They require a Honda outboard motor in order to be considered for financing through their company.

**HONDA motors are currently on back order and any loans will not be immediately processed until HONDA motors are back in stock.  

Here is a sample offering using Rock Solid Funding.

To use Rock Solid Funding, first, fill out the form below to get an estimate of the total price of your purchase.  Use this estimate for the application to Rock Solid Funding.