The World’s Best Fishing Boat

  • Unmatched Stability
  • In-Hull Propulsion
  • Hands Free Operation

Twin Troller X10 Features

  • Length – 10 feet
  • Width – 48 inches (fits in standard pickup bed)
  • Height – 18 inches
  • Weight – 175 lbs. (hull with motors)
  • Weight Capacity 565 lbs.
  • Shallow Draft – 6-8 inches
  • Electric Motors – (2) 36 lb. Thrust
  • Battery Life – 6-8 hrs. (estimate based on conditions and series 29 deep cycle marine battery)
  • Top Speed – 4-6 MPH (based on conditions)(Electric Motors)
  • Outboard Power Rating – 2 HP
  • Saltwater Compatible
  • Wind maneuverability – Superior
  • Stability – Superior (two people can stand and cast easily)
  • 5 Year Limited Hull Warranty

Twin Troller X10 – Introduction

Operation of the Twin Troller X10 is completely hands free.

The Twin Troller X10 comes fully equipped with our patented electric propulsion system and hands free foot control. The independent foot control pedals and corresponding electric motors allow the Twin Troller X10 to move in any direction depending on the amount and type of pressure placed on the foot pedals. The X10 is powered by two 36lb thrust MotorGuide electric motors giving you 72lbs total thrust. Our boats can move straight forward, straight backwards, make 90 degree turns to the right or left, or rotate 360 degrees in one location. If you need to get in a tight location, or just want to have a little fun on the water, a Twin Troller Boat is the boat for you. These boats can spin on a dime!!!

Best in Class Small Boat Stability

Twin Troller Boats are very stable due to the pontoon hull design and vacuum effect of our patented propulsion system. The pontoons on each side of the boat contain recessed motors and provide outstanding boat stability in a small boat. In addition, the construction material used in the boats is actually lighter than an equal amount of water, which makes the boat virtually unsinkable. What are you waiting for? Get your’s today in our online store. Delivered to your door!

The World’s Best Fishing Boat?

What makes a boat the best fishing boat?  Have a look at our comparison graph and decide for yourself.

Nearly Indestructible

The video you are about to see may be something you’ve never seen before.  A man hitting his boat with a hammer.  That’s right, a genuine, nail pounding, hammer.  That’s exactly what David does with HIS BOAT.  Don’t try this at home (unless it’s a Twin Troller).

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