The World’s Best Fishing Boat

  • Unmatched Stability
  • In-Hull Propulsion
  • Hands Free Operation

Twin Troller X10 Boat Show Page

Welcome to our Boat Show information page. Over the years we have had many questions about different boat shows we may be attending. As we don’t attend any shows outside our North Carolina base we thought it would be appropriate to share with you what we share with show attendees when they visit us at our booth. Of the many videos we have available on our website and YouTube channel we have selected those to go over the specific information we share at the shows. As a visitor to our Online Boat Show page you have an advantage over those that see us at the shows because of the many other videos available for you learn more about the Twin Troller. Thanks for visiting us, enjoy learning more about the Twin Troller, and please call us with any additional questions you may have.

Twin Troller Introduction

This video provides you with the same over view of the many features of the Twin Troller that you would get if you visited us at a show.

The Bucket Test

Watch this video and see how a simple bucket can show why the Twin Troller is the World’s Best Fishing Boat.

Twin Troller X10 Construction

No other boat on the market is built like the Twin Troller. The following videos not only take you inside the manufacturing plant where they are built, but also show just now durable the hull of the Twin Troller is.

Nearly Indestructible

If you have a boat, and it’s not a Twin Troller, don’t try this at home.  In this video, David hits his Twin Troller with a nail pounding hammer!

Made in the USA!

Have a look how your Twin Troller will be built.  Made in the USA – Madison, Indiana.

Ready for Shipment!

In this video see how your Twin Troller is packed for shipment.  Twin Trollers are shipped factory direct passing the savings on to you!