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Shared by Frank Jones, Featured Article from our Twin Troller Community

As fisherman we are always doing one to 3 things; thinking about fishing, fishing, and telling stories of our fishing adventures. In one of these phases (the actual fishing) of pursuing our favorite pastime we are not always as successful as we would like to be. However, in the other 2 phases (thinking of, and telling the story) we are always guaranteed the greatest level of success our minds can imagine. My favorite part of this is hearing the “fishing tales” that get shared of our exploits. This month I thought I would share one of those tales that a Twin Troller owner shared with his follow owners on our Facebook Twin Troller Community page. It’s quite a tale so be sure to read it till the end.

The One That Got Away

Nobody loves being out on the water in the Twin Troller more than my dog Henry, (best dog ever). Every Saturday morning he’s up at 4am, licking my face and ready to go fishing. Last Saturday was no exception as we were both excited about going to our favorite Bassin’ lake, Lake Okeepinocchichobee.

We loaded up the truck and had everything ready to go the night before. I even slept in my fishing clothes to save a little time and was up at the first lick.

“Okay, Henry. Lets Go!”

We hit the dirt road in front of the house at 120 mph swerving in and out of the ditches on both sides. When bass fishing is at hand, all caution is thrown to the wind. We drove about 30 miles in two minutes. Not fast enough for Henry though whose head was hanging out the window to whole way.

We arrived at the lake just before sunrise and it was still quite dark. Henry was already in the boat but I was having a little trouble finding the bug spray as 15 million monster mosquitos simultaneously attacked my face. Each breath brought more of the giant insects into my sinuses. I had to hold my breath. But after a few minutes I learned to hold my nose, clench my teeth and breathe though my mouth. A quick wipe of the thumb nail removed the blood sucking demons from my teeth and we were on our way. For it was Hawgin’ Time.

I tied on Henry’s favorite lure, a custom made, acorn shaped swim-jig with a red-tailed fox squirrel trailer so he could troll out the back while I flipped my favorite jig & craw combo up close to the bank. We hadn’t been fishing for more than a few minutes when Henry let out two loud barks. (That means “Fish On”)! It was quite a nice bass weighing in at just under 8 lbs. Henry’s personal best. Not too shabby for a dog.

We drifted quietly along the face of the dam until we were within casting distance from the main outlet. I pitched my jig in the perfect spot and, “KASPLOOSH!” It felt like I just hooked a freight train… and it was heading straight for China.

“Hang On, Henry!” I said as the gargantuan bass began pulling us around the lake.

I slammed Ol’ Stump Jumpers dual trolling motors in reverse but it was to know avail as the huge bass kicked it into overdrive and headed straight for a tree. I thought we were going to crash, but then, all of the sudden – nothing… the line went dead. 

I figure the beast must of snapped my 85 pound braid. I started to reel in but notice that my line was still moving. Just then, a large wake with a huge dorsal fin in the center appeared. This was no ordinary bass, this was “Basszilla” and she was on a direct collision course with the boat.

“Here Henry, put this on!”

I put my life vest on Henry, (you know how it is with dogs). I thought the fish was actually going to crash into the boat but, at the last moment, it dived and disappeared.

“Oh no, Henry. It’s gone under the boat!”

I spun Ol’ Stump Jumper around 180 degrees as Henry and I held on for our lives. An eerie silence fell upon us when, all of the sudden… “SWOOOSH, the giant bass jumped straight out of the water, right before our eyes, like a submarine-launched ballistic missile. Everything appeared to move in slow-motion as the “King of all Basses” soared over our heads, temporarily blocking out the sun and spitting my jig into outer space. I honestly thought we were going to die as the worlds biggest bass came crashing down just inches from the boat, creating a tidal wave that sent Ol’ Stump Jumper a good three stories above normal water level.

Any other boat would have surely capsized but the Twin Troller rode the wave like a champion surfer all the way back across the lake, setting us down like a baby not 10 yards from the boat ramp.

We weren’t even wet.

I might not have landed the world record largemouth bass but, Henry and I would like to offer our sincere gratitude to the designer of the Twin Troller X10 for making the most stable, small water fishing boat in the world.


By: Mike Pehanich

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