Take a kid fishing!

It’s one of my favorite themes, one that I’ve returned to often over the years.

Father’s Day weekend, I coordinated the annual Countryside Lake Kids Fishing Derby for the
residents of Countryside Lake in Mundelein, Illinois, with the charming Rosemary Aitken and a
remarkable crew of volunteers, all committed to putting smiles on kids’ faces with hook and
line and loving attention, seasoned with a light sprinkling of angler education.

I will touch again on the principles of bringing new anglers into the fold in coming months, but,
for the moment, allow yourself to bask in the joy of youngsters experiencing the wonders of the
catch in this video. (My advice: watch it on a computer screen for maximum viewing pleasure.)
The kids are something to behold!

My deepest thanks to Mark Weber, Forrest Fay, Cheryl Smith (St. Croix Rods), Hall of Fame
Angler Don Dubin, Mike Albano, Ken Kopka, and Munenori Kajiwara of Japan Import Tackle and
the other generous folks who helped to make this event so marvelous. Above all, our collective
thanks to Brad Richardson for his work behind the camera and in the editing room.

Check out Brad Richardson’s Get N Bit Productions You Tube channel to enjoy more of his work.
You can contact him via email Getnbitproductions@gmail.com or phone (815) 276-6109‬ if
you’re interested in his video services.

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