Don’t Leave Home Without Them

By: Frank Jones

I truly do not remember the first time I was on a boat, but I am sure I was a very young boy. My folks grew up on the water in eastern North Carolina, and my bet is my first time was as soon as my sweet mother would allow my dad to take us out. You see my dad spent his youth being on the water any chance he got, and my mother never even learned to swim. More proof that opposites attract in more ways than one.

The result of starting at such an early age has been a life long love of boating, and more specifically, fishing boats. Though I have been through many boats in my lifetime, the one type of boating and fishing I have always enjoyed is that on small and protected waters. Over the many small water adventures I’ve enjoyed, I have developed my own personal list of “don’t leave home without them” items that I thought I would share with you this month.

Personal Flotation Device (PFD) – Photo

First and foremost, I don’t ever get on any size boat without a PFD. This is the most important piece of equipment to have on a boat. I have heard some of my fellow small water anglers say they don’t bother with one on small boats because if something happens they can just stand on the bottom or get to the shore without any problem. Well I have also heard of people drowning in 6 inches of water.  My advice, always have a PFD. Everything after that is optional, but a PFD should not be.

Sunscreenand Bug Spray – Photo

For me it is always SPF 30 or higher. Fewer things can ruin the memory of a great fishing trip like a really bad sunburn can. Because of some back water I end up on during my small water adventures, I also like a brand that includes a bug repellent.

Boga Grip – Photo

Yep that’s right, a boga grip. This used not to be on my must-have list, but after far too many hook points in my fingers over the years, I took the advice of a fellow angler and always take it with me. 

Fish Net – Photo

Big or small, depending on the trip, I have found a net to be a very handy thing to have around. It has saved many a fish landing for me over the years.

Air Horn – Photo

Often I’m fishing the back waters of larger bodies of water. One thing I have observed over the years is that the bigger the body of water, the more careless folks can be. As a result I carry an air horn on these trips because if they don’t see me I sure want them to hear me.


Depth/Fish Finder – Photo

The beauty of small and protected waters is that they are everywhere. With so many possible places to go, a good depth/fish finder has become an invaluable tool on my Twin Troller.

Your Favorite Rods and Lures – Photo

If I’m fishing fresh water I’ve got these two rigs and lures with me. 1) Medium action casting rod with a wacky rig stick bait, 2) An ultra light spinning rig with a 1 1/2” sinking chrome jerk bait. I’ll have other things in the boat depending on where I’m fishing, but these two I will always have with me.


Hand Towel – Photo

You’re going fishing!! Of course you’ll need a hand towel at some point. 

About Frank Jones

Frank Jones is the owner of Freedom Electric Marine and the co-inventor of the Twin Troller boat. Frank and some of his best fishing friends designed the Twin Troller to solve the common challenges small water anglers face during their fishing adventures. Features include hands-free operation, in-hull propulsion, and incredible stability. The Twin Troller gives fisherman the ultimate fishing adventure they deserve.

To learn more about the Twin Troller and its features, visit the website here.
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