Welcome to The Small Water Anglers Newsletter

By: Frank Jones

Hello fellow anglers,

Thank you for your interest in The Small Water Angler’s Newsletter. Over the years the fishing industry has offered up many publications and newsletters that offer articles and information about both competitive and recreational fishing. The majority have been focused on larger, open water with informative content. The Small Water Angler’s Newsletter will be different. We will focus on the waters that most anglers grew up on and have greater access to. What we refer to as small and protected waters. Future topics will include both fresh  and  salt water,  from the farm pond down the 

road, the back waters of larger lakes, to the protected inshore coastal flats and creeks. The goal is to provide interesting information on a diverse set of topics from proper management and protection to techniques and lures used in these special waters. Experts in the outdoor industry will be regular contributors to the newsletter, and all content will have a focus on small and protected waters.
Like most things we will be starting small, and initially the newsletter will be published on a monthly basis. As the newsletter grows we are planning to become the go-to source for small and protected waters fishing information. We look forward to providing this resource, and would like to ask you to spread the word by sharing this information with your friends.

Let’s work together to activate the Fresh Water Army and Coastal Warriors around a topic we all love!!
Tight lines,
Frank Jones
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