We often get asked whether the Twin Troller X10 can be used in salt water.  The answer: OF COURSE IT CAN!

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Coastal Flats Fishing in the TTX10

Over here at Freedom Electric Marine we like to call the TTX10 the world’s best fishing boat.  We know it cannot be used in all fishing conditions and certainly not in the ocean fishing for Marlin.

However, when it comes to flats fishing as David does in this video, the Twin Troller X10 works pretty well.  Some of our many owners that use their TTX10 fishing flats might say it was made for it.  Even more than fishing small lakes and ponds.  That’s a pretty strong statement.  Many TTX10 owners that fish coastal flats are former kayak owners who will never go back to fishing flats in a kayak.  There really is no comparison.

In this video David is fishing Mosquito Lagoon.  Mosquito Lagoon is a coastal flat just north of Cape Canaveral on Florida’s Atlantic Coast known for it’s Red Drum fishing.  Red drum, also called redfish, channel bass, spottail, red bass or simply “reds”, are one of Florida’s most popular sport fish.  On this day David saw many kayak fisherman staying in one of the coves due to the high winds.  But not in a Twin Troller X10.  David went out looking for a Red, and he found one.