Fly Fishing in the Twin Troller X10

Most of us see the Twin Troller x10 as the world’s best bass fishing boat, but we call it the world’s best fishing boat.  Flip Pallot is a famous fly fisherman known throughout the world.  I picked up this promo for an episode he did for “Ford’s Fishing Frontiers” off Youtube.  I have the full version on DVD.  Once I can get permission to show the whole episode, I’ll post it.

Upon arriving to his location, flip found out there was a TTX10 at his disposal.  He didn’t hesitate to use it.  I love the shot in this promo of him casting with his fly rod in the TTX10.   If any of you TTX10 owners want to share your real world experience, we’d love to hear it.


Flip Pallot returns to the small mill pond in North Carolina that produced massive bluegill and bass, only this time, he fishes alone.  Landing these nuclear fish with lightweight tackle proves a challenge for even the most decorated of anglers as Flip harkens back to his youth on this episode of Ford’s Fishing Frontiers.