Thanks for this great story Bob.  If you’re a TTX10 owner, tell us your Real World Experience.


Real World Experience from Bob:

How long have you owned your TTX10: Less than a year

Of the many things I enjoy about the Twin Troller is when it gives me a “yea, been there, done that” kind of moment. I almost always flyfish only from my TT, so when I see a fellow flyfisherman at the ramp, it’s a conversation starter that always leads into an in-depth discussion about the boat. I love talking about the TT because I feel it has vastly improved my fishing over my old…oops SOLD…SOT kayak. I dont think about where the boat is when fishing anymore, it’s always where I need it. My hands are on the rod and line and I can concentrate on placing my cast instead of positioning the boat. More casts and a better cast means more fish. Period.

So these two flyfisherman set off across the lake in their kayaks which is when the “aha” moment kicks in. They each have great casts with nice loops… between juggling to stay in position. Cast, paddle, cast, paddle, paddle, cast, paddle, paddle, paddle. See where this is going? I easily outfished them 8 to 1 AFTER I offered one of them the same pattern I was using.
After an hour or so, one of them paddled past me on his way to the ramp saying something about needing a rest….something about his butt being numb. Yea….been there, done that!