Fishing in the Wind

As I say in this video, Johns Lake is where I learned how to fish.  I also shot the “TTx10 in the Wind” video you’ll find on this site at John’s Lake.  In this My Fishing Lake episode the wind is back.  And, a lot worse than before.  The good news is the Twin Troller loves the wind.  I was tackling 18 mph sustained winds.   If you go into it with the right mindset it can actually be fun.  Have a look and see if you think I was crazy.

Where are the Big Bass Boats?

I’ve always gotten a kick out of the big bass boat guys looking at me in my “little fishing boat” as they call it on normal days.

But, I really get a kick out of going out on days like this and they are nowhere to be found because they can’t control their boats in wind like this.  I don’t recommend you go out in 18 mph winds the day your TTX10 arrives at your front door, but once you get the hang of how to operate the TTX10 in the wind and what you can and cannot do, you will feel 100% confident in the wind.

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