If you’re ever in Central Florida and you just happen to be towing your Twin Troller, be sure and spend a day on the Butler Chain in Windermere, Florida.  This chain is surrounded by multi-million $$$ homes owned by people like Tiger Woods, Shaquille O’Neil, and Johnny Damon to name a few.  My time there is often since I live near by.

Honey Hole Right Under Your Nose

In this episode of My Fishing Lake I spend most of my day on Lake Louise.  This is a fun little lake and as usual the Twin Troller allowed me to fish an area other boats just pass by.

Between Lake Louise and Lake Butler is a small channel.  Right at the entrance of this channel is a small patch of lily pads next to a steep drop off (5 ft-16 ft.).   Unfortunately, coming into the channel boats, jet skis, and the like hit the brakes.  The result is lots, and lots of waves.  If you were in anything but a Twin Troller it would not be an enjoyable experience.  In my TTX10 it is actually fun.  Have a look at the episode and see the two fish I caught in this very spot.  If you want to go right to it, you’ll find it @ timcode 7:00 in the show.

If you want to see the video on the MFL lake page go here:

My Fishing Lake TV – Lake Louise – Butler Chain – Windermere, Florida