I Love Lily Pads

What can I say, I love lily pads.  I do.  And when you get your Twin Troller, you will too.  Most fishermen don’t like lily pads because they’re constantly loosing lures and the like.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten caught up, too.  The only difference is I go in (that is drive my TTx10 straight into the lily pads) and get my hook unhooked from the lily pad.  Some days I bring the 50 lb. braided line and rip with the best of them.  But one thing the TTX10 allows you to do is go into areas you could never cast to from the perimeter.  And sometimes that is where the big bass are.

If First You Don’t Succeed….

My first trip to Lawne Lake was uneventful.  It was an episode that simply told you about the lake.

That in itself isn’t bad but I knew there was something special about this lake so I had to go again.  Fortunately Lawne Lake is only about 30 min from my home.  If I was out on the road doing this lake I would have had to keep going.  Part II didn’t disappoint and I had a great time.

To see this episode on the Lawne Lake page on MFL go here:


Lawne Lake Part I

Lawne Lake Part II