From the coastal flats and lagoons to tidal creeks and back water, no boat outperforms the Twin Troller X10 boat by Freedom Electric Marine.

We call it Fishability, and only the Twin Troller combines all the features required for this unmatched performance. With the ability to operate in as little as 8 inches of water, and access to areas other fisherman can only dream of, you’ll quickly agree that the Twin Troller X10 is the best fishing boat on the market.

The Twin Troller X10 has unmatched stability. Try casting a net from any other small boat and you may end up in the water with the net!


Our pontoon hull design and vacuum effect created by our patented propulsion system combine to provide outstanding boat stability in a small boat. This allows you to stand for sight fishing or throwing your cast net. In addition, the construction material used in our boats is actually lighter than an equal amount of water, which makes the boat virtually unsinkable.

Boat Control

Only the Twin Troller has our patented in-hull propulsion and foot control systems. This provides you the ability to control the boat in any given water condition. The Twin Troller will  truly amaze you when fishing in windy conditions.  Adjusting for wind conditions is easy with hands-free, foot control and variable speed motors, By adjusting the amount of heel or toe  pressure that you apply to the independent foot pedals you easily maneuver the boat to the location where you want to fish, and you’ll stay in that location. No more getting blown out of position!!


The X10′s compact design gives you access to bodies of water many other boat designs can’t get to.  Our new in-hull motor design means there are no motor props below the boat bottom to hit obstructions. The recessed electric motors allow you to move around quietly without scaring the fish, and results in minimum draft requirements.  The Twin Troller X10  can  operate in as little as 8 inches of water allowing you to move across the flats, maneuver the tidal creeks, and more. Our boats go where the big fish go, but other boats can’t!

World’s Best Fishing Boat

These features can only be found on the Twin Troller X10.  The only boat designed to increase the fisherman’s ability to catch fish through it’s design.  No other boat gives you the freedom to get to places never thought possible and the ability to simply reach in the water as you catch a fish with complete confidence in its stability.  How about fishing all day for 10 cents?  No gas to buy, no oil to mix.  Launch from a trailer or the back of your truck and spend your time fishing instead of spending money!  If you are looking for the worlds best fishing boat, you’ve found it.  Throw away what you thought a perfect fishing boat looked like.

For more information on the Twin Troller X10 go to our TTX10 in depth page. If you’re ready to start fishing with the world’s best fishing boat, go to our online store and have it delivered to your door!  For videos go to our video section.

Watch David Catch a Redfish on Coastal Flats