Does the perfect aluminum boat exist?

You might be surprised.  Keep reading.

The picture above shows what many would see as the perfect aluminum boat.  Plenty of room, an outboard motor and a trailer.  What more could you want?

What would the perfect aluminum boat be like?


The perfect aluminum boat would allow you to move around quietly without scaring the fish. It would have built in recessed motors that you could control with your feet allowing for hands-free operation so you could cast continually and never have to worry about the wind or dropping an anchor.  It would be able to operate in as little as 8 inches of water as well as travel through grass and lily pads while under power.


It would be stable enough for two grown men ( 200 lbs each) to stand and sight cast.  On most aluminum V-hulls the max person weight is 400 lbs sitting.  On most Jon boats the max weight is even less.  Try standing up.

Features and Comfort

It would have high swivel seats for easy casting and access to the water.  It would have deep equipment storage trays to keep your rods secure and it would be made of seamless, impact resistant material that was resistant to dents and came with a 5 year warranty.

Where can I get one?

So who makes the perfect aluminum boat?  No one does.  These features can not be found on any aluminum boat at any price.

The Worlds Best Fishing Boat

These features can only be found on the Twin Troller X10.  The only boat designed to increase the fisherman’s ability to catch fish through it’s design.  We call it Fishability and only the Twin Troller has it.  The Twin Troller X10 also has unmatched stability.  Try doing what the man is doing in the picture below in an aluminum boat.  You can’t.  Is the Twin Troller small?  Absolutely, but with the room to do, and store, everything you need.  No other boat gives you the freedom to get to places never thought possible and the ability to simply reach in the water as you catch a fish with complete confidence in its stability.  How about fishing all day for 10 cents?  No gas to buy, no oil to mix.  Launch from a trailer or the back of your truck and spend your time fishing instead of spending money!  If you are looking for the worlds best fishing boat, you’ve found it.  Throw away what you thought a perfect fishing boat looked like.  For more information on the Twin Troller X10 go to our TTX10 in depth page.