Safety and stability were at the heart of the Twin Troller X10 from its first day on the drawing board.  Read on and watch video below.

In-Hull Propulsion Creates Additional Stability

The in-hull propulsion system of the Twin Troller X10 allow the pontoons on either side of the boat to act as counter balances once the motors are engaged and the pontoons fill with water. Once the the tunnels within the pontoons fill with water a vacuum is created between the boat hull and the surface of the water providing additional stability. The patented design of the boat means no other boat in its class can provide you with this level of stability.

The Twin Troller X10 is rotationally molded using a patented polyethylene Surpass resin backed by a high density foam that is fused into the hull at high temperatures during the molding process. This molding process produces a one piece hull that is lightweight and extremely durable. The combination of state-of-the-art design and manufacturing processes make the X10 the most stable boat in its class.  Stability is just one more reason why the Twin Troller X10 is the worlds best fishing boat.

The stability of the Twin Troller X10 make it the safest small boat on the market. Go to our Online Store to order you boat today, and have it delivered to your door!!!


Safety and Stability