What makes the Twin Troller Boat out perform all other boats in windy conditions?

The patented hands-free Twin Troller propulsion system has full variable speed. This results in the ability to only use as much thrust as is required to adjust for the wind conditions. This featured, combined with hands-free operation, means you can maintain your exact position at all times while having your hands free to fish. No more being blown out of position and fighting the wind while trying to maneuver the boat with your hand controlled motor or boat paddle!

How shallow can the boat operate?

The foam lined hull and motors being recessed inside the hull allows our boat to run in very shallow water. Depending on the weight load they can operate in as little as 6-8 inches of water. A Twin Troller Boat can go places no other powered boat can reach!!!

How stable is the Twin Troller?sliderstability

Twin Troller Boats offer best in class stability due to the pontoon hull design and the vacuum effect resulting from our patented recessed drive system. The large pontoons on each side of the boat provide outstanding boat stability in a small boat. In addition, the construction material used in the boats is actually lighter than an equal amount of water, which makes the boat virtually unsinkable.

How durable are the boats?

Our boats are Roto-molded using NOVA Chemical SurpassĀ® resins resulting in an impact resistant hull with high UV resistance. They can withstand years of use and provide excellent service for years to come.

How much do the boats weigh?

Twin Troller Boats are very light weight. The 2 man model weighs approx. 175 lbs. This includes the motors but not the battery, which can be removed for transport. As a result they are easily handled for transporting to your favorite body of water.

How easy is it to transport the boats?

Our boat is 48″ in width. This combined with the boat’s light weight make it easy to transport in the back of pick-up trucks or light weight trailers. Our boats go where the fish are!!! You do not need a large vehicle to tow our boat!!!

What brand of electric motor is on a Twin Troller Boat?

Twin Troller Boats use Motor Guide electric motors. They are dependable, long lasting and are supported by the Motor Guide service network.

What is the thrust rating of the motors?

Each motor is rated for 36 lb of thrust. This results in 72lbs of total thrust on the boat; which is plenty to propel these boats and provide you with unmatched maneuverability.

What is the weight capacity of the boats?

The hull of the boat is foam lined which results in a high weight capacity. The resulting weight capacity is approx. 565 lbs for our 2-man model. This allows plenty of room for you and your tackle.

How long will a battery last?

The battery life will depend on the weather conditions and type of use, but in general the Twin Troller propulsion system uses less energy than a conventional hand operated unit. This is because you are not constantly having to run the motors in high speed to correct your boat position when the wind has blown you out of position. Low level energy use applied by the fully variable speed foot controls keeps your boat in position. Under typical conditions the battery will last 6-8 hours.

How well will the boat hold up in salt water?

The Twin Troller propulsion system is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel components and as a result hold up to operation in salt water. As with all marine products, Twin Troller Boat components should be rinsed with fresh water after each use to insure longer life and enjoyment.

How much space is required to store a Twin Troller?

The Twin Troller can be stored in very little space. The boat depth is approx. 18″. Once the seats are moved the boat can be set up on its side and placed out of the way against the side of a garage, storage building, etc., and you’ll still have room to park the car!!!

What type of warranty does the boat have?

Twin Troller Boats are covered by a full 1 year replacement warranty for any failures caused by routine use of the boat, and not the result of neglect or damage. If you follow the recommended use and storage guidelines, we’ll replace any part of the boat that fails free of charge in the first year!! Our hulls are also covered by a best in class 5 Year Limited Warranty.

Need more information?

If you have more questions, please call our customer service department toll free at 877-882-0099.