Meet Ambassador

Bill Hessinger

Location: Cummings, Georgia

Type: Freshwater

Fishing Bio:

  1. What is age did you fall in love with fishing, and what peaked your interest?
         Mid 1960s fishing with father-in-law on the Niagara River. Exciting fast moving water with variety of fish species.
  2. Do you have a favorite fishing memory?
         I guess looking at a photo of a good catch that was taken while fishing in Ontario Canada when I was just 4 years old. A few years ago as I’m now 82.
  3. What kind of fishing do you prefer?
         Large mouth bass on a small pond.
  4. What is your funniest fishing story?
        While teaching grand child to cast he forgot to hang onto the pole handle and threw pole, reel and lure out 20 feet from boat never to be seen again. LOL
  5. How has the Twin Troller changed your fishing experience?
        Allows me to tow to our neighborhood boat ramp using a golf cart for easy launching on our pond fishing lake.
  6. If you could take one guest along with you fishing, who would you chose and why?
        Maybe one of my 15 grandchildren.
  7. Who is your favorite fishing buddy?
        Tom Wills on Lake Irma near Winterpark FL.
  8. Do you have any fishing superstitions?
        All great with no downside.

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