Meet Ambassador

Alan Powers

Location: Livonia, Michigan

Type: Freshwater

Fishing Bio:

  1. What age did you fall in love with fishing? 
  2. Do you have a favorite fishing memory?
         With my dad and uncle fishing for Northern Pike in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Actually caught a seagull… Crazy time trying to release it from the spoon. Laughed our butts off…
  3. What kind of fishing do you prefer?
         Any kind… Not so much Ice. Leary about the ICE and don’t have the equipment.
  4. What is your funniest fishing story?
         I guess it would have to be the Favorite from #2 above.
  5. How has the Twin Troller changed your fishing experience?
         For the better. Love being able to get into the shallow waters and being silent stalking the big ones.
  6. If you could take one guest a long with you fishing, who would you choose and why?
         Grandson. He loves to fish. He was five when I took him out. We were talking about whats good about fishing. He turned around and and said. “Grandpa. Do you know what else is good about fishing?” I said what’s that Carter? His response was “The People you fish with!” I couldn’t get to him fast enough for a hug. He’s only five! Love that kid.
  7. Who is your favorite fishing buddy?
  8. Do you have any fishing superstitions?
         None. Yet!

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