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It started with a vision.

Freedom Electric Marine is dedicated to providing the best possible experience on the water for small and protected water outdoor enthusiasts. To accomplish this we offer the patented Twin Troller X10 boat which is arguably the most initiative small watercraft on the market.

In 2007 a group of friends joined forces to design a boat that would address the limitations of watercraft that were currently available on the market for fishing small and protected waters. Traditionally to enjoy these type of waters you had to make a number of sacrifices in your watercraft; comfort, stability, boat control to name just a few. Their efforts resulted in the Twin Troller X10 which features patented in-hull propulsion and hands-free control. These innovations provide unmatched boat control, best in class stability, and with the motors fully recessed in the hull the ability to access areas of water that few others can reach. Since its invention a number of other small watercraft have attempted to evolve to address their shortfalls, but to date none can match the innovation and versatility of the Twin Troller.

Freedom Electric Marine proudly manufactures the Twin Troller in Madison, IN and offers the commitment to quality you expect from a product made in the USA. We hope you to take the time to fully explore our website, and that you decide to join our growing family of thousands of Twin Troller X10 owners.

The Twin Troller Experience

The Twin Troller was designed to give small water anglers the best experience possible. We understand the challenges fisherman face and wanted to create a boat that would solve these.

Our boat makes your fishing adventures enjoyable and memorable.

The World’s Best Fishing Boat

Twin Troller owners are throughout the US, fishing large mouth bass, trout, tarpon – you name it! Our boat is ideal for any kind of fishing environment in small and protected waters, whether you’re fishing in lily pads, reeds, or coastal flats.

Visit our testimonials page to see how our owners are using their boats and why they love their boat.

No matter what kind of small waters you’re fishing, the Twin Troller gets you out on the water with ease. We made sure to include the big boat features into our design, which is why the Twin Troller is named the World’s Best Fishing Boat.

Let’s get on the water!

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