Virtual Boat Show

We often get asked if we attend various boat shows around the US. Since we don’t attend shows far from our home base in North Carolina, we’ve decided to bring it to you – virtually! Here you will find a video library of the information we share at shows, which answer some of our most commonly asked questions. If you have any additional questions, we’d love for you to contact us!

Twin Troller Introduction

Everything you need to know. A great introduction for those who aren’t familiar with the Twin Troller.

Twin Troller Introduction

David shares the secret behind the Twin Troller’s unmatched stability. It’s science!

Indestructible Hull

David demonstrates just how durable the Twin Troller’s hull is. Don’t try this at home!

Made in the USA

Our boats are made in Madison, IN. Watch to see how the Twin Troller is made.

Ready to Ship

See how the Twin Troller is packaged and prepared to ship. Our boats are shipped factory direct, which saves you money!

More Information

Interested in learning more? We have a YouTube Channel filled with additional videos, a photo gallery, and an FAQ page to answer your most commonly asked questions.

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